New Installations

We can install a new system after a well is drilled, including a submersible pump, lines in the trench and a storage tank in the building. We install systems that will fit the specific needs of the system whether is residential, commercial, and industrial or irrigation.
When requested we can install a state of the art, computerized constant pressure pumping system for an even and  constant supply of water when called on.

Pump Repair

When your current pumping system fails we can evaluate the situation and repair it, whether the whole system needs to be upgraded or just a component replaced.

Well Chlorinating

We chlorinate well when necessary to help with minor cases of Contamination.

New Wells

We can drill new 6” water wells for residential, commercial, irrigation, industrial and livestock.

Well Deepening

We can deepen 6” wells if the well is not producing enough, if it is possible to set up the machine over the existing well and if the existing well meets all state and local requirements.

Replacement Wells

We drill replacement water wells when there is a problem with the existing well whether the well is dry, contaminated, weak yield, or does not need present codes and must be relocated.

Well Abandonment

We are   the required NJ water well drilling licence therefore we are allowed to abandon any well that is not in use in the state whether it is drilled, hand dug or a well point.  Only a NJ licensed driller can fill in and file the paper work required by the state DEP, local board of health and many mortgage companies for the sale of a home with a well that is no longer in use.  When a home connects to city water it is required that the existing well either be abandoned or re purposed to irrigation. 


Certifying an existing well at the time of the visit including test pumping, running pump, visually checking well tank and fittings.  This does not include any testing of the water or any part of the system that is not visible
Well Search
We can also perform a well search with the NJ Dep on an existing well to discover the possible history of the well, when it was drilled, if there is a record of the well and who drilled it.


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Products we carry

  • Gould’s pumps
  • Myer’s Pumps
  • A O Smith Tanks
  • Well-X-Trol Tanks
  • Constant Pressure Tanks